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M.I.A. feat. Nicki Minaj,
Maya (Deluxe Edition)

M.I.A. (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Teqkilla (8-bit Remix)

I learned a choreography by Ellen Kim to this piece today, along with many other KODACHROME JMU attendees.  I’d like to testify to the power and talent of her as a dancer.  Listen to Nicki’s verse, and imagine every single beat being hit hard and fast, and still remaining fun and sexy.  I’d have to say this KODACHROME weekend sits as one of my favorite EVER, and I took away so much, not only from Miss Kim, but from all the COALESCENCE performers (CREWcial.  Blank Canvas.  dop.  Bamboom.  Mozaic.  VA REPRESENT!), as well as the other teachers (My good friend Reza Mina, Bakari Williams, Kianna Clark, Kevin Simon, and Miguel Almario).  I know, that i’m not that great of a dancer.  Yet.  I have so much work to do and I aim to enjoy EVERY minute of it, working towards becoming an amazing dancer.  I’ll continue to be heavily involved in KODACHROME.  I’ll continue taking workshops, and i’ll travel more often for more.  I’ll do WORK for Livin’ Legacy, my newest dance crew and fam.  This weekend, I’ve reconfirmed:  I’m gonna be a dancer, for life.  Thank you, so much, KODACHROME and Coalescence.  

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